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This Old Mike's House Journal: Garden Wall Project
(October 5th, 2003)

This garden wall is the first major improvement project I've done since moving into my house two years ago. All the projects I had done up to now were repairs and minor changes.

The wall serves a few purposes:

First, it is a place for people to sit when I have a barbeque. The wall is about 18" high, which is the height of a typical chair's seat. The wall is also wide enough to sit on, or lie on, or walk on, or sit a plate on.

Second, it prevents erosion on a slope where the erosion used to be checked by a huge sprawl of ivy. As we all know, ivy is evil. The ivy ruined the fence that was there before I moved in, and would ruin the new fence if not terminated with extreme prejudice.

Most importantly, the wall just plain looks cool.

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030824_0002 030824_0003 030826_0009 030827_0001
blocks and fill rock delivered raw materials layout the hole
030828_0001 030902_0002 030902_0003 030902_0004 030902_0006
big-a** root the hole,again base fill the tools pile of roots
030902_0007 030902_0008 030902_0009 030903_0002 030903_0003
the first course lining up the first course second course Got wall! awkward corners
030903_0004 030903_0006 030903_0007 030921_0001 030921_0002
drain pipes the wall the wall back side drain outlet
030928_0003 030928_0004 031005_0005 031005_0006  
drain rock plastic sheeting leftover blocks Finished!