Friday, May 30, 2008

Perhaps This Blogday Doesn't Count

A whole year and a few days have passed since my last post, celebrating Issuefish's second birthday. A whammo! combination of a new baby boy at home and my being loaned out at work to a project team that was in big schedule trouble left me without time for anything as frivolous as political blogging.

The good news is that something like sanity has returned on the work front, freeing up time for me to do some blogging again. (Sanity on the home front ain't ever going to return, but it's the good kind of insanity!)

The neutral news is that I have decided to consign Issuefish to's archives, and start up a new general-topic blog. Maybe because I'm a new dad, there are more non-political topics I want to cover. Even the political topics I want to write about center around the theme that politics is unhealthfully crowding out civil aspects of our society that have traditionally been free of politics.

The switch to a general-topic blog is also helped along by Blogger's having added the ability to assign posts to categories. The new blog will have a "Politics" category with, hopefully, plenty of entries.


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