Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pre-Election Quickie

Too busy with our home remodeling mega-project to do a proper pre-election day blog entry. Here are some editorials I've collected over the last few weeks:

San Francisco Chronicle: Some children left behind

But the most troublesome aspect of Proposition 82 is the question of how many -- and which -- children it would reach. State and federal programs now cover preschool for about 160,000 California youngsters at the lowest income levels. Studies have shown that preschool benefits are particularly dramatic among children from lower-income families. Yet the bulk of the Proposition 82 funding would be subsidizing preschool for kids whose parents are already paying for it.

Shikha Dalmia and Lisa Snell commenting in the San Francisco Chronicle:
Universal Preschool Is Inviting Universal Disaster

Preschools that do participate will have to pay wages on the K-12 teacher scale negotiated through a mandatory collective bargaining process that the unions lobbied for. They will also face other onerous regulations such as minimum staff-child ratios. All of this will raise the cost of doing business, driving many private day care centers out of the market and leaving fewer affordable options for low-income parents for whom three hours of state-funded day care covers less than half their needs.

Mountain View Voice: Call the bluff on Measure A tax

But there is a catch built into Measure A, an unwritten "understanding" that up to half of the $5.2 billion or more that would be raised over the 30-year life of the tax would be spent on country transit projects, including the controversial BART extension to San Jose.

Greg Perry, vice mayor of Mountain View commenting in the Mountain View Voice: Measure A is against the spirit of democracy

Multiple polls over two years indicated that the VTA tax could not pass. So they slipped the VTA tax inside a county tax that was polling better.

Well, whomever or whatever you vote for on Tuesday, please don't base any of your decisions on anything you saw or heard in the TV ads. Be hip -- get your disinformation and viciousness from blogs, instead! Happy voting!


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