Thoroughly filthy Mike: On the third day, we had to cover over half of the distance of the entire trip. Since we didn't have time to stop for long anywhere, we had to skip the Sykes hot springs.

I'm standing with my legs tightly closed in this picture because the rip in the crotch of my pants that I had acquired on the side trip to Pine Falls kept growing bigger (see inset).

There were quite a few places on the third day where we were hiking on a narrow trail with a steep slope on one side and thick brush overgrowing the trail from the uphill side. In quite a few places, the only way to pass was to grab onto a shrub and swing yourself around it. At one point, one of the shrubs sprung back when I tried to push it out of the way, attempting to shove me off the trail. At another point, Paul slipped on some loose gravel and fell headfirst into a thicket of poison oak. Like I said, a treacherous trip.

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