Pine Valley: The next morning, it was a short hike to Pine Valley, where we were suprised to find a cabin with a well-tended garden. This memorial marker was behind the cabin.

Later in the day, after we had returned from a side trip to Pine Falls, we met the nice old man who lives in the cabin. Mary English's widowed husband, I assume. He had just hiked in several miles from where he parks his car, with a backpack full of food. He explained that his right to stay in the cabin, which he built years ago, was grandfathered in when the wilderness park was created. He was very helpful, telling us how to avoid a grueling route out of Pine Valley (the Bear Basin Trail) by taking a merely very unpleasant route (Bear Basin to a cut-across to the Pine Ridge Trail).

A lot of the trail from Pine Valley to Redwood camp was a narrow path through shoulder-high and higher dense shrub. By the end of the hike, our arms were scratched up from constantly rubbing against the brush and some of us had a rash from the poison oak that was mixed in with the brush.

Near the cabin, we met a large family who told us they planned to ditch their packs so they could do a side trip to the hot springs at Sykes (about 15 miles round trip), then hike back out to China Camp. They'll come back into our story later.

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