Rome and Istanbul
(April 2005)

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Thursday, April 7th:
Villa D'Este
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Mike Well-endowed fountain
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"Estella" Resting Fountain
Friday, April 8th:
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The college Odd shutters
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Pull-up Little cars Ice cream
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Matteo and Tommy Mike and Frances
Sunday, April 10th:
St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's
Tuesday, April 12th:
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Frances The gate test
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Beyoglu side Galata Tower Tower panorama
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Pierre Loti Café Eyüp Mosque Bazaar
Wednesday, April 13th:
The Old City
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Aya Sofya The mihrab
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Deesis Mosaic Calligraphic
Viking graffiti
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Gabriel Blue Mosque Blue Mosque
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Aya Sofya Roman mosaics Boy
050413l 050413m 050413n
Griffin Tiger Santa Claus
Thursday, April 14th:
Topkapi Palace
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Swords Harem entrance
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Eunuchs' courtyard Sultan's throne Sultan's throne
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of the favorites
Bosphorus Carpet sellers
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Basilica Cistern Medusa