Everything I took on the Mt. Whitney hike:
a) trekking pole
b) t-shirt, underwear, shorts
c) light hiking boots, lightweight wool socks, liner socks
d) day pack
e) camera and hard-shell case
f) The trail map they hand out at the Ranger Station when you get your permits, with altitudes and mileages of various milestones written in. That's about all you need. The trail is well-maintained and heavily-traveled.
g) Clip-on sunglasses
h) pouch for storing headlamp?
i) monocular and case
j) wool cap
k) water bottles
l) sunscreen
m) headlamp
n) wind and rain shell
o) facial tissues
p) moleskin, ibuprofen, and iodine tablets
q) King's Hawaiian
® bread, Fig Newtons®, energy bars, trail mix, Kool-Aid® (to mask iodine taste)
r) canteen
s) long underwear
t) spare socks
u) fleece gloves
v) toilet paper and human waste bag (the Ranger Station will give you one)
w) fleece pullover
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