Mt. Whitney Hiking Trip
(September 2004)

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Saturday, 9/18:
Tuolomne Meadows
040918A 040918E
Dog Lake Lembert Dome
Sunday, 9/19:
Lone Pine
040919A 040919B
Lone Pine Motel Eastern Sierras
Monday, 9/20:
Mt. Whitney
040919E 040920D
Hiking Gear Sunrise
040920E 040920F 040920G
Creek Crossing Mirror Lake To Trail Camp
040920J 040920JA 040920JR
Trail Camp Alex Randal
040920L 040920M 040920MD
Trail Crest Trail Crest Dan
040920MJ 040920N  
John Mt. Muir
new photos
from Alex
03160011 03170008
along the trail
survey marker
03170009 03170010 03170013
Dan on
the summit
Alex on
the summit
shelter at
the summit
sign at
the summit