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Eminent Domain Abuse

The government only uses eminent domain for public projects like building new roads, right?

Well, no. It has become commonplace for local governments to use eminent domain to take property from one private party just to give that property to another private party.

The San Jose Redevelopment Agency tried to do it to the owners of the Tropicana shopping center. I know, because I was there with several of my fellow Santa Clara County Libertarians, sticking up for the Tropicana owners.

"A coalition of concerned [San Jose] citizens protecting the community against public and private entitities engaged in Redevelopment abuse."

In 2003, The Friends of Sunnyvale organized a petition drive to make sure downtown Sunnyvale would not turn into a redevelopment fiefdom like downtown San Jose.

Realizing that Americans would be shocked if they knew how widespread eminent domain abuse has become, the Institute for Justice compiled a report listing hundreds of cases. Read it here.