Archive of Mike Laursen's 2004 campaign for California Senate

Update: After the campaign wrapped up, we discovered that, contrary to what we had thought at the time, OutNow Magazine did publish an article about my challenge to Shane Patrick Connolly to quit the Republican Party.

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Domestic Partnership

Barbara Boxer's spokesman says that Boxer "supports current California law, establishing domestic partnerships with the full rights and responsibility of marriage."

While current California law does extend many rights to registered domestic partners, there are areas in which a domestic partnership is not legally equivalent to marriage.

I support full equality of legal status, and obligations, for committed same-sex partners under California law. And I will use my influence as a State Senator to lobby for equal status under Federal law.

"Civil marriage" is the best legal term to confer fully-equal social standing on same-sex unions. It may be a necessary political compromise to avoid the word, "marriage", but whatever legal term is used, it should be equivalent to marriage under California law.

I will not support any legislation that compels an employer to provide any particular type or level of insurance for its employees. I do support helping Californians to secure health insurance outside the options offered by their employer by extending full tax credits to any person or couple that directly purchases health insurance.

The State of California, as an employer, should provide equivalent insurance coverage for domestic partnerships.

I will not support legislation that compels insurance companies to offer full coverage to domestic partners. It would be an unnecessary interference in the marketplace. There is money to be made, and smart insurance companies will go after it.

Mark Simon, Carla Marinucci: "Top state Dems criticize S.F. mayor", San Francisco Chronicle, February 20th, 2004

California Democrats are struggling with this issue.

Carolyn Said: "Married couples save on inheritance, insurance", San Francisco Chronicle, February 20th, 2004

Details the legal differences between domestic partnership and traditional marriage.

Marriage Equality California: Status of Marriage

Summarizes the current state of laws pertaining to gay marriage.

David Moats: "Civil Rites", San Jose Mercury News, February 22nd, 2004

We've been here before with the interracial marriage controversy.

"Couples shop for basics at Gay Wedding Expo", San Francisco Chronicle, February 23, 2004

Recognizing gay marriage would help out California's small businesses and all the people they employ: florists, caterers, printers, and so on.